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Lara croft erotic fanfiction

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    Set during Anniversary and Legend, but Terry Sheridan is in this story in the most unlikely of places. Disclaimer: I don't own Lara or any one else!!! But I can rent them for the weekend. Lara stepped cautiously through the low hall way. There had been no soldiers for half an hour, but she had her right had resting on the butt of her. Just in case.
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    Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft in “Lara Croft on Cannibal Island”

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    The Breeding Ground Chapter Womb Raider(Lara Croft), a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

    Lara had no sense of guilt daa them this dirty swine had killed her aim it was to be left this town unbermerkt again she carried her dark top in addition her shorts with her wide belt her guns she had in the halter them stepped back as a police car around the corner dung came one had discovered them with full adrenalin Lara ran the stairs of a narrow lane up behind her the cops them swiftly got out and they followed her searched a way out and discovered an old shop them tore the door on luckily nobody was drinn them pulled itself up as them suddenly hand on her shoulder felt. Lara wrinkled the forehead and obeyed the instruction outdoors before the store they assembled the group of the cops pursued. Lara was disgusted and tried to escape from the handcuffs, nevertheless, it nothing brought it did not last long and they reached the police station. On it there it was held on from the back as the cop her black top about her breasts started to take off her leather braappeared. His hands drove belt as him in Laras the metal buckle opened and her belt from the loops moved then he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down them up to her knees.
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    Mumbling in her sleep Lara suddenly jolted awake when the sound of glass shattering in the entrance way downstairs "not this shit again" she groaned as she rose up onto her hands and knees letting her silken sheets fall from her body revealing her naked form underneath. Roughly once a month or so some new idiot gets the bright idea that they're somehow skilled enough to steal from her and every time they go the worst possible way about it, mainly by smashing a window and scaring the living daylights out of her old butler leaving Lara to deal with the witless would be burglars, shell out for the damages they caused and give her butler yet another sick day for him to calm his nerves. Reaching into her bedside table drawer Lara drew the Pistol she kept stashed there before reluctantly climbing out of bed to begin her weary routine of dealing with the latest intruder, the loud crashes and shuffling coming from downstairs making it obvious were the guy was as Lara carefully crept down the stairs and towards one of her many trophy rooms, her pert breasts bouncing slightly with every step she took. Soon enough she found the intruder in the first trophy room down the hall not even bothering to be quiet, brutally kicking the door of one of her safes cursing loudly as it wouldn't open "motherfucking piece of shit!
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    Disclaimer : I do not own Tomb Raider game this is the first time I made a M rated story showing Lara returns from the island thought it was over or was she wrong as someone else was aftering her hope you enjoy this story of the slave of Powell Warning nudity and rape. It's been a week since after Lara's events of the island as she's returning home "I've faced such a threat now we're out of that island. That's it for chapter 1 of Tomb Raider Lara in trouble hope you enjoyed it hope you still remember a announcement from the flaming aura I put down yesterday about there's going to be three new stories two crossovers and other is a M rated story 1 is a pokemonXTomb Raider shows AshXLara the version, second is Tomb RaiderXDragonballz showing M rated of Lara croft end up in the new universe and last is my M rated Tomb Raider story called Tomb Raider Lara in trouble shows Lara croft gets captured and everyone's favorite part I'm not showing if you wanted Lara croft naked in Tomb raider Lara in trouble send your reviews and ideas from the game including you want ideas for AshXLara called Ash's adventure found Lara it's starting right at the island like the game if you wanted those ideas including a adventure and romance between Ash Ketchum and Lara croft version I called it survivorshipping send your reviews now p. If you want a second chapter where Vladimir rapes Lara and any villain in the game send your reviews too.
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